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Motorized Torque-Arm (MTA)

Gear up for Big Jobs with the New, Larger MTA

The MTA lineup has been expanded with new larger size 9, 10, and 12 reducers and assembly packages to support large foot-mounted motors—handling high-torque application requirements with ease to maximize your uptime and system performance.

Discover the new, enhanced capabilities of MTA
Motorized Torque-Arm (MTA)
Tigear-2 New Ratings

Kick It into Tigear with Increased Ratings

Through competitive testing and analysis in our Innovation Center, we proved Tigear-2 is the toughest worm gearbox on the market and outlasts the competition. Following its exceptional test results, we increased Tigear-2’s ratings by 30 percent to match its superior design and performance.

Find out more about what makes Tigear-2 so tough!
D-Flex Sleeve Couplings

New Ratings for Reliable Performance in Every Application

With a new formulation, our D-Flex sleeve coupling features a 32 percent torque rating increase to be better than ever—being able to handle the most challenging environments to keep your operations up and running.

Explore more about D-Flex and its new ratings
D-Flex Couplings

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