Mounted Bearings

Fully Assembled and Ready for Industrial Use

Dodge bearings offer innovative designs, a wide range of shaft attachment methods, rolling elements, housings and seat choices, patented features, and consistent performance.

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mounted bearings


Maximum Up Time with Less Maintenance

Engineered for reliability, Dodge gear products deliver industry-leading performance in some of the most demanding applications.

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Conveyor Components

A Worldwide Reputation for Reliability and Quality

Choose from a variety of Dodge pulley types, styles, and other options, along with complete pulley assembly packages made from the highest quality components in the business.

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conveyor components

Belted Drives

Built to Keep Production Moving

Dodge belted drives easily change speeds and transmit torque from your electric motor to the driven equipment.

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belted drives


A Solution for Almost Any Need

Whether it’s an elastomeric or metallic design, Dodge provides couplings with the potential to increase torque capacity, accommodate shaft misalignment, extend life, and put an end to unexpected downtime.

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Bushings, Hubs, and Collars

Accessories to Boost Performance

Dodge bushings, hubs, and collars help regulate the transmission of energy and extend your conveyor life.

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Dodge PT Wizard

Select the right Dodge components for your application.


Product Search

Find the specific Dodge product you're looking for.

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