Dodge® Industrial, Inc. Increases Tigear®-2 Ratings

Proven through decades of performance and reliability, the toughest worm gearbox that outlasts the competition now has even better ratings.

For over 75 years Dodge gearboxes have been the benchmark for product life in demanding applications. Tigear-2 is built to our uncompromising design standard, being the toughest worm gearbox on the market. Through competitive testing and analysis in our Innovation Center, Tigear-2 proved to last longer than the competition.

As an outcome of Tigear-2’s exceptional testing results, we’re announcing the increase of the gearbox’s catalog horsepower ratings to match its superior design and performance. Across the entire worm gearbox’s lineup, the new Tigear-2 ratings increased by 30 percent compared to previous ratings and were confirmed using industry-standard design principles. The published ratings apply to all case sizes and versions of Tigear-2, including E-Z Kleen® and FoodSafe™—each backed by Dodge engineering, manufacturing, and customer service excellence.

The upgraded ratings allow for increasing motor horsepower incrementally to the next level without impacting Tigear-2’s performance. This empowers operations with the ability to downsize the reducer in both new and existing applications while still getting the toughness and reliability of Tigear-2.

“Tigear-2’s robustness in engineered design provides more torque density than comparable-sized worm gearboxes. This allows equipment manufacturers and designers to realize the full potential of Tigear-2, the premier solution that provides long life in a variety of industrial applications,” says Matt Kelly, Product Manager for Tigear-2 at Dodge.

The design of Tigear-2 provides a multitude of industry-leading features to handle demanding operations with ease. Its best-in-class overhung load-carrying capacity supports a significantly extended lifespan through its larger input and output bearings compared to competitive alternatives. Our innovative manufacturing processes at Dodge allow for up to 30 percent more steel across the worm shaft’s length, notably enhancing its strength and extending component life. Its worm gear features a larger face width, bore, and keyway to withstand additional torque without compromising the worm gearbox’s performance.

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