X2000 Gateways

Streamlined Condition Monitoring Data Collection

The long-range solution for easy, hands-off data collection to keep your operations connected

X2000 gateways enable hands-off data collection from Dodge® sensors and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies. These gateways are optimized for IIoT and IP69 rated to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor sensor deployments. The addition of a gateway to your condition monitoring installation system maximizes the effectiveness of your sensors by providing real-time alerts of change in equipment health.
Our cloud-based gateways work seamlessly with OPTIFY™, our web—and mobile-based condition monitoring platform. With OPTIFY, you can unlock the potential of your data and experience world-class customer support from our USA-based team in Greenville, SC. Internet connectivity and data flow can be achieved with our standard (Wi-Fi/LAN) or cellular (ATT/Verizon) gateways.
Our on-premise gateway enables a secure, cloud-free condition monitoring solution. Utilizing EtherNet/IP and OPCUA, this gateway provides a method of communication between Dodge sensors and Allen Bradley PLC. This solution allows you to save critical asset data to on-site historians and take direct action on process controls.
Dodge Gateways

Key benefits

  • Hands-off data collection
  • Application versatility
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Seamless integration with OPTIFY
  • Remote access and control
  • Reliable, long-range coverage


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