Automatic Lubricator

The intelligent solution to effortlessly extend the life of your bearings and optimize operations

Intelli-Lube is the premier automatic, single-point lubricator solution that replaces the manual process of lubricating mounted bearings and motor bearings and seamlessly connects with OPTIFY™, our condition monitoring platform, for worry-free operations—streamlining maintenance, lowering costs, and improving on-site safety with the right grease, volume, and interval every single time.

For years, operations have looked to existing automatic, single-point lubricators to improve maintenance efficiency but found them unreliable, resulting in unwarranted downtime and expenses. With Intelli-Lube, that’s a thing of the past!

Dodge Intelli-Lube Assembly

Key benefits

  • Enhanced site safety
  • Consistent grease delivery
  • Easy selection and ordering
  • Unlock intelligent lubrication
  • Optimize plant-wide inventory



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