Dodge Day

Bringing Manufacturing to Life with Dodge® Day at Roper Mountain Science Center

Dodge Industrial is an active partner with the Roper Mountain Science Center to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs within the local community and is supporting the center’s Summer Adventure program with Dodge Day on Friday, July 28th.

The Summer Adventure program is open to the public, providing an educational opportunity on a variety of topics and featuring an all-new traveling exhibit, How People Make Things, to bring manufacturing to life and show people the ideas and technologies used to transform raw materials into finished products in a factory-floor setting.

To spotlight how Dodge brings manufacturing to life, Dodge Day will provide visitors with a unique, hands-on experience with multiple activity stations and visual displays to learn about engineering principles and see products in action.

“It’s a great way for us to engage with the community, informing both kids and parents about who we are and what we do with exciting engineering activities,” said Robbie Lake, an R&D Engineer at Dodge Industrial.

As a manufacturer with local facilities in Belton and Greenville, encouraging students and families throughout the community to learn, explore, and get involved with all things engineering is important to the Dodge team.

Dodge recently participated in SWE Day at the Roper Mountain Science Center last month on June 23rd to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day and encourage women to pursue engineering careers.

“We are now building a strong network of professionals and students who are aligned in this topic and will continue to network in the future to improve the state of women in the industry,” said Rick Stewart, Vice President of R&D Engineering at Dodge Industrial, on implementing SWE allyship actions in the workplace. “We plan to continue working on growing this program in the future and increasing awareness of these types of opportunities.”

Do you want to participate in Dodge Day and other STEM-focused events? To learn more about the Summer Adventure program and how to visit the Roper Mountain Science Center, visit