Dodge® Belton Plant Celebrates 25-Year Milestone

BELTON, SC – More than 150 employees walk the halls and work on the floor of the Dodge manufacturing facility in Belton, SC, and no employees missed work as a result of an accident in 25 years. Plant employees, staff, and managers are celebrating this rare but impressive milestone, referred to as no lost-time accidents. They continue to focus on safety while producing the most efficient industrial gearboxes in the mechanical power transmission industry.

The 157,000-square-foot facility opened its doors in 1995 and runs seven days a week with three shifts. Alex Vitou, Plant Manager of the Dodge Belton facility, is beyond proud of the no lost-time accidents achievement.

“Safety is the number one priority for both Dodge and the Belton plant. We want our employees to go home the same way they came to work every day. Safety is at the core of everything we do in Belton,” Vitou said. “Our goal is to work with a safety-minded focus and strive for zero injuries in the facility.”

The Belton plant manufactures standard-duty industrial gearboxes, which include Tigear® and Quantis® gear reducers and has provided the community with a safe working environment for decades.

“Safety is in our culture and the safety of our employees is a critical aspect of our success,” Vitou said. “If you have the right culture, you can keep people safe, invest in quality, and the rest will fall in line.”

All five Dodge manufacturing facilities throughout the Southeast are staffed with a safety manager, and several have received accolades for safety accomplishments.