Dodge®Launches New Condition Monitoring Platform, OPTIFY™

Dodge Industrial, Inc. announces the launch of OPTIFY, a condition monitoring platform for allowing users to remotely manage their industrial operations in real time to improve safety, mitigate unplanned downtime, and save money.

“OPTIFY is the next iteration of digital innovation by Dodge, making the lives of our customers easier than ever before,” said Artur Rdzanek, General Product Manager for IIoT Technologies at Dodge. “By leveraging our subject matter experts across all business facets, we can continuously improve our technology solutions and move the industry forward.”

The intelligent platform is the result of extensive research and development, yielding the latest innovation by Dodge and the new benchmark for industrial condition monitoring software solutions.

Anyone can access OPTIFY for free through the web portal using a browser or mobile app, maximizing flexibility for implementation and daily use. The platform integrates with Dodge Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensor and gateway products easily to be an advantageous addition to industrial automation equipment.

“When paired with the platform, the sensors we have installed have helped us out tremendously,” said Tyler Cassel, Maintenance Lead at Penn Waste. “They give us a snapshot of everything. Instead of guessing, we know the status of everything instantly.”

As a cloud-based solution, OPTIFY ensures there’s a continuous flow of data between assets and the platform, allowing users to make critical operations decisions with their own data before it’s too late.

Discover how OPTIFY can help you minimize downtime, reduce expenses, and maximize safety for your operations by visiting info.dodgeindustrial.com/optify.


About Dodge Industrial, Inc.

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